Hydraulic Clamp Cylinder VB

Clamp cylinders are single acting pneumatic cylinders with built-in oleo-pneumatic intensifiers. They can be used to solve most clamping, tightening etc problems.

Hydrochecks B181

Hydrochecks are precision built self contained hydraulic control units designed to smooth out pneumatic cylinder movements over any distance within their own stroke length, up to 450mm. Basic single acting models provide adjustable speed control over the full outward or inward stroke and fast return, with the facility for rapid approach to the controlled stroke by adjustment of the piston rod engaging nut.

Thrust Cylinders C0D - C0P

The thrust cylinders are linear actuators, designed for a high force to size ratio. This makes the cylinder ideal to use for clamping, riveting, punching and similar applications where a high force is required.