Rotary Rack and Pinion Actuators RA

The RA is a double-acting rotary actuator of very compact design. It has a high torque and small installation dimensions.The actuator has double pistons, which transmits the turning moment to the output shaft. The toothed piston rods act on the output shaft in a rack-and-pinion type arrangement. Each piston and toothed rod is of integral construction. The rack-and-pinion type arrangement gives an even turning moment throughout the rotation movement.

Rotary Rack and Pinion VRS - VRA

Transforms the rectilinear motion of two single acting opposite cylinders into rotary motion via a rack and pinion drive contained within the cylinder body.

Rotary Vane Actuator PV

Vane actuators provide the maximum amount of output torque from the smallest possible envelope size. They convert pneumatic pressure into rotary motion for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Rotary Vane Actuators PRO - PRN

Rotary actuators are an efficient and easy way to generate torque from compressed air, in a very compact size. They are ideal for the compact applications in a wide range of industries such as, packaging, process, electronics etc.